A Dance with the Devil

By Christopher Reynolds

ISBN: 978-0-6489715-5-9


Number of Pages: 395

Published: January, 2022

The Middle East. 427 days in 5 dungeons. No convictions. One man’s fight for life. Based on a true story, A Dance with the Devil is a suspenseful thriller in the vein of Midnight Express, The Shawshank Redemption and Hacksaw Ridge. This exciting narrative will sweep you into a world of greed, intrigue, violence and depression until the very end with Norton’s escape and vindication.

A Dance with the Devil is the story of a man dogged by false accusations and manufactured scandals designed to ruin him, destroy his business and separate him from his young son. Dr. David Norton is dragged through the horrifying dungeons of the Middle East in a third person direct narrative that showcases the best and worst of the Muslim world, and just how far a father will go for his son.

Maxine, his vengeful and greedy ex-wife, conspires with a sheikh to gut David’s business for her own gain. Maxine’s influential connections see David arrested and shifted from prison to prison, where he witnesses beatings, rapes, insanity, suicide, riots and murder. David finds himself living in overcrowded squalor, and nearly dies himself. Yet, David’s faith never dims, and is he helped by police, judges and other prisoners in his fight for survival. In a brief window of opportunity, David makes a dramatic escape from Dubai, but tragically, loses his son in the process. As he catches a plane out of the Middle East before anyone notices he is gone, he knows that he has left behind 10,000 men still hidden in the darkness of those dungeons that have not changed in 2,000 years.

Language – English
Publisher – Reynold Learning
Country of Publication – Australia
Size – A5