A Christmas drink with Tony Abbott



The Hon. Tony Abbott has agreed to launch What a Capital Idea in Sydney in the new Year.




The Hon. Peter Dutton  will speak at a book launch in Parliament

House, Brisbane on March 5, 2024.





Australian Monarchist League Annual Conference – Sydney



Chris was a keynote Speaker at the Annual Conference with 50% of the participants purchasing What a Capital Idea.




The Hon. Eric Abetz introduced Chris and the new book






Chris had the opportunity to meet with Jarrod Bleijie, MP, Queensland Deputy Leader of the Opposition.









Australian Monarchist League Ball – Brisbane



Chris was mentioned in the Program Booklet for the Dinner  and the book – What a Capital Idea, was given as a raffle prize.






David Stevens, Gary Hardgrave, Philip Benwell and Dr. Christopher Reynolds





Mudgeeraba Blues Rock Festival

A great afternoon was had by all.

Chris meets Cara from Hat Fitz and Cara ( what a voice) from Gympie, Queensland


August events


Spectator magazine publishes Dr. Reynolds article about the Voice and the Constitution


Gold Coast Rally for The Voice Referendum – Nerang Evangelical Church

  Guest Speakers included Warren Mundine, Gary Jones, Pauline Hanon, Anthony Dillon and Dave Pellowe. 

Some 650 people attended the rally and we sold lots of What a Capital Idea





Gold Coast Rally 

Guest speakers were Matt Canavan and Gary Johns.









July, 2023

Macca in the Morning

Ian McNamara “Macca” of the Australia All Over ABC programme, also known as Macca in the morning, interviewed Chris about his new book, What a Capital Idea, after his morning show at Burleigh Heads beach on Sunday, July 16: what a lovely day for the outside event. The interview is scheduled to air on Sunday, July 23. Macca has a particular interest in the adventures of the pirate and explorer, William Dampier, and was fascinated to hear that Chris shared his admiration for Dampier. A Post on Dampier can be found on the website. Macca is personally concerned with the way society is going and the business going on about the Voice. As he talks to people all over this country he has a feel for the issues that concern Australians.




Peta Credlin

Chris meets Peta Credlin and presents her with the book.

Peta Credlin came up from Melbourne to Brisbane to be the Guest Speaker at the LNP Dinner of

Saturday July 8. Peta is a regular presenter for Sky News with her ‘Credlin’ programme. As former Chief of Staff for Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, and extensive experience in journalism, Peta is one of the most sought-after speakers in Australia. Peta’s friendly meeting with Chris soon turned to a serious review of the book, What a Capital Idea. Chris hopes to see more of Peta in the future.








David Littleproud

Chris meets David Littleproud


The Hon. David Littleproud MP, is the Leader of the Federal National Party representing the massive electorate of Maranoa – west of Brisbane. With a keen interest in Australian history, David was excited to receive a copy of What a Capital Idea.

In attending the Queensland LNP Conference, Chris found time to talk to: David Crisafulli, Christian Rowan, Deb Frecklington and Amanda Camm.










Time to promote the book with a YouTube video.

The promo video for What a Capital Idea is finished and put

up on YouTube





Barnaby Joyce

Chris with Barnaby Joyce.



Chris attended the Australian Monarchist League Luncheon and talked to Barnaby. Barnaby has a great interest in Australian history. Chris presented him with the book. Two weeks later at their next meeting, Barnaby reported that he was half way through it. Go Barnaby.







John Howard  Speaks at Book Launch

Chris attended the book launch of David Stevens’ new book Dignity and Prosperity.

He took the opportunity to catch up with Peter Dutton and John Howard.

Chris then spent time with Gary Hardgrave who is also now reading his way through the book.



Pathway to Treaty Act – Queensland, 2023.

A review of the Pathway to Treaty Act for Queensland, and all the information available concerning the Voice, Chris believes that this is being brought on by an anti-Australian movement. It is the most dangerous legislation the nation has ever considered. He decides that it is time to begin a ‘Truth Telling Series’ of Posts for the website.





June, 2023

Amanda Stoker

Amanda agrees to launch the book – What a Capital Idea, in Brisbane when the next edition arrives.


Nigel Farage

Chris writes to Nigel Farage and presents him with the book. Nigel writes back saying:

       Dear Chris,

       You have clearly succeeded in an absolutely herculean task. I look forward very much to reading this very

       well illustrated book and hope our paths cross next time I am down under.

.    Then:

       I will be down under soon and will think what I may be able to do [to promote the book.]


Radio Interview on Vision Christian Radio

Christian radio station in Shepparton on 1413AM - The Shepparton Adviser

Chris goes on Air with Neil Johnson and Vision Christian Radio:

       See Interview








May, 2023

Amanda Stoker and Warren Mundine




Chris attends Symposium on the Voice and meets with Warren Mundine and Amanda Stoker






April, 2023

Peter Dutton


Dr. Reynolds with John Howard, Deb Newell and Eric Abetz






 Chris with John Howard, Deb Newell and Eric Abetz


Chris with Peter Dutton






Spectator Luncheon

Chris attended this year Spectator Luncheon at Bowral, NSW, and had the opportunity to talk to Peter Dutton, John Howard, Tony Abbott, Alan Jones, Andrew Bolt, Rowan Dean, David Flint, Warren Mundine, Bronwyn Bishop, Tina McQueen and Bruce Beresford.

Bruce Beresford, the world famous film producer and director, was on his computer within hours and wrote;

    Thanks so much for that enormous book!  I looked through it for some hours last night and found it

     immensely interesting.   I’ll read more ,of course, over the coming week and get back to you.

.       Bruce.


What a Capital Idea – first printing




Within the month, a Sample copy of the book was available, just in time for Eric and Chris to attend the Spectator Luncheon in Bowral, south of Sydney. Eric introduced Chris to John Howard and Tony Abbott. As the afternoon proceeded, Chris was also able to meet quite a number of other people.







Eric Abetz

In April, Eric Abetz completed reading a eBook version of What a Capital Idea which Chris had sent to him.

He was absolutely taken by both the subject matter and the level of research. He wrote to Chris saying:

       Dear Chris:

        I can report I’ve now had the immense pleasure of reading your work page by page and word for word.

.          I just finished moments ago and believed I should write immediately to express my gratitude for the immense

.          amount of work that must have gone into compiling such a comprehensive account of our history.

       Also to tell you I thoroughly enjoyed the read and learnt a lot on the way through.

         Congratulations on an exceptionally fine effort, full of facts and easy to read.

.          Eric Abetz,
.          Former Senator the Honourable Eric Abetz – Parliament of Australia

         Former Senate Leader of the Government

Eric then called Chris to urge him to publish a hardcover of the book. This was to be the beginning of a close friendship.