Professional Development

Mr. Meerkat’s Poetry for Children

Dr Leonard Reynolds and his team offer Professional Development (PD) to schools in the use of the Mr. Meerkat poetry free of charge.

During a three hour session, teachers will be introduced to range of techniques used throughout the Meerkat series. They will be shown how to use the Web Resources and the Teacher’s Companions and have an opportunity to discuss the pedagogical approach to the creation and use of the material.

Learning Development

Dr Reynolds offers professional development sessions on a range of issues in the area of learning development. Subjects include, among many others:

    • How Children Learn
    • Teaching Boys and Girls Differently
    • The Learning Brain
    • Memory and Retention
    • Gifted Children
    • Sensory Based Teaching
    • Emotions and Learning

To know more and arrange a professional development session for your school please contact us.