Mr. Meerkat Readers

Mr. Meerkat’s Poetry for Children is a unique programme which engages children through poetry. With a rare Australian focus, children are taken on a journey through word craft. The aim of the poetry series is to build literacy through enjoyment. This comprehensive three level resource assists with the planning, implementation, and teaching of the Australian Curriculum (ACARA) and aligns with State curriculum.

The poetry readers facilitate literacy development across the curriculum and activities in the Teacher’s Companions in corporate key learning areas including: English, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), Mathematics, the Arts, and Technologies HPE.

The selection of poems within each level are designed to reflect natural literacy development, as students progress from simple themes and poetic devices to more complex concepts and language features.

The Readers are filled with stories. Stories, not about heroes and great events, but stories that unfold in commonplace encounters and reflections. The Readers use simple rhyming schemes, metre and imagery to make poetry enjoyable and memorable. The poems in the series focus on everyday life events: riding a bike, going to school, looking at creatures in a pond or watching an old man sitting on a church wall. The topics are interesting and relevant to children, while still providing opportunity to explore more complex themes.

There are 20 Readers of some 3 poems in each.

The Readers come with a Teacher’s Companion to provide the teacher with information, discussions and activities.

The Readers progress across 3 literacy levels:

–  Stage 1: Foundation, Grades 1 and 2

–  Stage 2: Grades 3 and 4

–  Stage 3: Grades 5 and 6